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April 23, 2008



my birthday is june 6. 'nuff said. you rock the cake skilz girl. now i'm hungry.


that is GORGEOUS!
love those colors!!


love it!

Kristi S

That cake looks simply amazing!
PS I think I have made less than 10 cakes in my entire life!


Are you kidding me? Are you trying to make loser mothers like me look bad? And then I must ask- how in god's name do you have TIME to do this? I barely have time to scrape the crust off Ryan's tray before the next meal rolls around, much less bake a cake and decorate it professionally!


Can you make me a cake of Joe Mauer's face on it, complete with sideburns and a Twins cap? I need to present him with a proper prize for winning a contest I had and I think this would be just the thing. :)

Seriously, that cake you made is sweet! Nicely done.

Jen I

Okay, Jessica is it? :)
My friend just forwarded me the link to your blog and I couldn't resist writing a comment (b/c if you're anything like her, you might like that I actually did comment). :)
So YOU made and decorated this cake?! You are clearly a very talented photographer but you decorate cakes, too? Please tell me you've done this many, many times before?!
I'm just a friend of a friend who is also planning a 1st birthday party... clearly I need to spend less time on the computer!!! HA HA HA.

Denise H.

Holy Cow Girl, That cake is Amazing! You are so talented I love it!


You put all my cakes to shame. As the other girls above stated, is there anything you cannot do.

The cake is perfect. What are the plans for Ruby's 1st birthday party?


Awesome cake!!


The cake looks absolutely too perfect to eat. Amazing.


Wowzers!!! This is absolutely gorgeous! You are talented! =)


WOW!! That is all i can say!! You are one amazing mom! Aubriees cake is being made by walmart that is the furthest i will go!! :) You are so Talented!! :)


Ok, I am way jealous of your mad skills at cake decorating. Seriously, that is awesome. You could have another side business.


I LOVE that cake! It's awesome!!!


You're not going to eat that, are you?? haha... kidding!!
Rock on sista!


Is this for real? How am I supposed to pull something like that off? Wait, that's write, I'll BUY it. Love the cake...monkey girl is a lucky little lady!

Hyphen Mama

Note to self: don't let my children go to your children's birthday parties... because then they'll know their mommy sucks.

Are you going to do this for a side job? Because you'd make a killing.

I wish you were my neighbor.


That is a great cake. Do you have any tips for a beginner cake maker? Like books or most have utensils etc.


Holy crap...just remember... My bday is Feb 15. Jen- I already have an order in for a cake, you can't have one:) You could totally be on Ace of Cakes, on the Food Network. I think you should put an oven/baking station in your new studio and open a studio/cake shop haha...but seriously, you could.

Michelle Sauer

Holy crap you are talented! My best is nothing near that! I definitely couldn't do that! Great job, you are so darn creative!


That cake is gorgeous!


Beautiful cake! You gals & your cakes... Gives me the urge to start now & see if I can get close to anything that looks or tastes good by September :)


that is one beautiful cake and looked like a wonderful party, minus the Moron incident!


okay so i have a couple questions for you about your cake skills. do you use boxed cake mix? or homemade? what about icing inside the cake? do you put any special fillings in there? do you have a good frosting recipe? i told you i had questions. i am going to attempt to make a wedding cake for a friend of mine. i like to do this kinda of stuff but haven't ever attempted to do it yet. any suggestions?

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