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April 13, 2008



Oooh, cool room! What a handsome young man!


He really is a handsome dude! It is so funny that you call hime J-man 'cause that's what my son (John) calls himself. How do you like your new toy?


Yes, very handsome. These kids that belong to bloggers seem to know better than to be camera shy. I think that's wonderful. I was always camera shy as a kid. No longer, though.

Do you love your new camera. So, cool.


Good thing, I was starting to forget what he looked like!! hehe...
How was the cake crashing?


He's looking good. His room looks so cool.


what a little stud muffin

Hyphen Mama

I'm loving the shark room! You are so creative.
And he's so handsome! Gosh, not long until you'll have to start fielding phone calls from GIRLS.


love those shots - his room looks so cool! :)

Kristi S

I don't even think I knew you had a son too! He is very cute


what a handsome young man!

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