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April 19, 2008



Awww..i bet you miss her while she is gone...but the freedom with be like a mini-vacation:)


that's suppose to say "will be like" not with...it's early hehe:)

Kristi S

oh, I am sure you will think of a few million things!


she's going north - to alaska? :)

um, can they pick up tucker on their way and then we both can get a little rest? kidding. my mom has tucker as i type this! whoohoo! i love a mini break.

Hyphen Mama

Um, sit quietly? Read a book? Take a soaky bath? Get the leaves cleaned up out of the garden? And think of her beautiful little self bonding with her grand parents. Oh, life is beautiful. And so is she!

Seriously, if I didn't have my own little smoochy face baby in my house right now, Monkey Girl would make me WANT ONE very badly!


How fun for her AND you! She's such a dear.


what? i'm jealous. i have never been able to leave ava. i have issues what can i say.


I know the real answer - Make another, or get in a lot of practice.


Have a great weekend, don't miss Monkey Girl too much.


adorable picture :) i have an idea...go scream at the wild and tell them to play some hockey.

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