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April 14, 2008



I really like this list - it's so insightful.

I'm a hummer too when I'm nervous or I do that tongue tapping noise that really irritates me to fill in silence.

I love that Ride the Wave line. I need to put that on a poster for the FH too - maybe then he could be less stressed too.


ooh - i'm doing this too. i agree with you on 15/17! :)


My advice is to NOT get a dog. They are more trouble then they are worth.


I love snooze too. I almost pimp at the terrified one Ha Ha. I agree do not get a dog. As much as I do love mine, it is a love hate relationship at this point. I hate the fact that I love him too much to find him a new home.


great list!! and i'm gonna steal it sometime, too. and i'm dreading the day i have to make the dog/no dog decision with aubriee :(

Hyphen Mama

Great list. I might have to borrow that. I love the smell of bathed, lotioned babies, too!

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