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April 10, 2008



She sure lives up to her name!! :) what a cute little girl!!


oops! =) so sweet!


Cute! Bianca does that too! I'm afraid she'll break the dishwasher! Funny kiddos!


Too cute! Just trying to help a mama out :o)

Hyphen Mama

Mack does the same thing! I LOVE IT. I'm hoping it means he'll be super helpful dish boy when he's a bit older. Does she have a blue clip stuck to the front of her jammies? So cute! Monkey girl makes me smile...I really needed a good smile this morning!


Now, we know what her first job will be when she ask for allowance.


LOL, PB and her would make great friends. She is in love with the dish washer. Though she helps me put the dishes away now. It kind of nice, but it just a ploy to get the rack empty so she can push it in and stand on it.

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