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April 16, 2008



Are you prego? That dream was prego.....
I think you did intend that pun of "wee hours in the morning". Hehe... that was clever! No pee though, huh??
Girl, I have no idea what would be fun to do with the hubs. But when you find out, or do something cool, I want to know about it because I need some ideas:) And you are typically doing way cooler things than me!


HAHAHA...I laughed through that whole post. Particularly the part about being peed on....trust me, it's not a fun experience...nuff said. I'll try and think of some fun stuff for married people to do without kids, may be difficult, as I'm not married nor do I have kids...:) But I'll do my best.


"You smell like dead people". That is a classic. LOL I didn't realize peppermint smelled like dead people! LOL Hubbies say the funniest things sometimes.

Kristi S

Ebay is like crack....glad I don't have the ebay bug, but my man sure does!! Every day I wonder what type of package I will find in my mailbox today

carrie & the koehmstedts

You're too funny! Dead people = peppermint, hmmm. I can understand old people = pepperment, but dead people? I am so glad he didn't pee on you and it was only a dream... good thing you woke him up though, you never know what might have happened.


That is funny that you didn't know about your husband's aversion to peppermint. We have been married over ten years now, and every once and a while, I learn something about him that I didn't know too. I guess it makes things interesting.

Hyphen Mama

You smell like dead people! So now I need to know... are you going to get rid of the shampoo? I'm headed out to get my hair done today and today I am ADAMANT that I'm not coming home with product I don't need... even if they ARE having a Liter Sale. UGH. I'm a sucker.

My husband is an ebay junkie--UPS is here several times a week. Tire chains? Check. Water filters? Check. Ink cartridges? Check. Weird little plastic covers for MagLite flashlights? Check.

LOVING the new header with Monkey Girl!


i have ebay and etsy issues in a major way. so glad you clarified that hubby did not pee on you!


You husband must be my lost twin, I say crazy stuff while I'm sleeping, and although I like pepermint, spearmint drives me crazy, it actually gives me a headache.
All I can say is holy moly, 200 for a haircut and product. Was there color or anything??

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