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March 27, 2008



We are alike and different enough to make it work. I like riding in the car together too. we listen to the oldies and talk. Sometimes we don't talk as much as we should on a normal basis. He makes me feel really smart too, I have to stay with him for that fact alone.


Oh I should of read your questions better. I hated him before we got together. I hated working with him because he was so arrogant, but maybe that grade school thing is true if you don't like some like one it's because you don't want anyone to know you love them.


My husband and I are pretty similar...we both like to have fun and hang out with each other. what attracted me to him was his smile and his nice soccer legs and butt! I guess his personality counts too! ha! We met and got engaged 2 months later...so what brought us together was that we really enjoyed each other's company. He was the person I wanted to talk to, to call, to hang out with, etc. and he still is. They say you should marry your best friend...and I did. We just did it really quickly. Met...engaged 2 months later...and married 4 months later. I guess when you know, you know. We compliment each other pretty well too on a lot of things...but we just "get" each other and it's nice! :) Great post!


What about us single people:(


We are total opposites. He brings me down a few notches and I kick him in the ass so he doesn't sit around and do nothing all of the time. I think we are both better people because we married eachother.

I love the car too...it's the only time we get to talk these days!


the way i would describe our relationship is that we have very similar interests and hobbies, but we are opposites with personality. i'm pretty wound tight and paul is relaxed. i'm on time, he's late :-). but we're quite the team...

Hyphen Mama

My hubby and I are pretty opposite in most ways, and it seems to work. He's mellow, I'm over-the-top. We're a good team, and we're getting better with time. We constantly evolve into a tighter team.


We are very opposite in some ways but very alike in others. I think we compliment each other. He is much more willing to take a risk, while I think about things way too much, sometiems!

I was attracted to his smile and uniform. Did I say he is a police officer? We went when I was in college and working in our city's hospital emergency room. I had a very unruly, drunk patient and he set him straight!!! he he he


she just wanted me for my truck...fortunately, we were already married with a little one on the way before it got t-boned by a stupid girl running a red light...she had no choice but to stay with me :)

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