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March 14, 2008



These are pretty darn cute!


My mom LOVES snowmen...she's so weird...these are awesome!!!

Hyphen Mama

Those are really cute!


Great snowman. Did you handpaint those? You are doing a great job with your graphic design/illustration career. I'm glad we met each other in school and have kept in touch this long.

Awesome job on the hockey cake. For a first time cake decorator you did fantastic. It's messy but also rewarding in the end to see the finished product and the joyful smile on your child's face when you bring it to them.

Weekend Plans
Friday Night: Chris is out tonight with co-workers. I'm babysitting for a friend (she's bringing over 3 of her 4 boys, ages 5,3,1). I'll have 5 kids for 4 hours. Fun, fun, fun.

Saturday: The kids help me clean the house (well at least for the first 15-20 mins then they loose interest, can I blame them?). Chris is working overtime all day. Church in the late afternoon. In the evening we are staying home hanging out. Maybe we make cut out Easter cookies. Yummm

Sunday: In the morning Chris and Jake get a guys day out and are going to a Model Railroad Expo. Jake is thrilled and cannot wait to go. Casey and I are going to have girl time together while the boys play. Not sure what we'll do yet, suggestions? Sunday afternoon we have a kids birthday party to attend. Thats about all. Oh one more thing, if we have time we'll continue our painting project in the basement. We are painting the walls and floors, yuck :(


Forgot something:
Happy Birthday James! Have a great party on Saturday.


snow men??? dear god! they are cute though...even if they are made from pure evil. hmmm. this weekend? being pushed to the brink of maddness. besides that not much.


Those are so cute... I have no idea how you even make these images! Good job though!

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