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March 04, 2008



Although it's frustrating to have to run personal errands (been there) and endure meetings, at least you're not stuck in the office. That drive out and back could be interesting.

Yeah for the last meeting!


Oh my... bring James' paintball gun and blast those dogs. Then turn and blast your boss and the big boss. Haha... Go Postal, girl!
No, kidding. But seriously, I thought you were a Ford girl? What's up with the Tahoe? Besides the fact that the new body style looks awesome and I want one:)
So now you have my office furniture and my car? What gives?? Next you'll post your lovely bedroom furniture and I'm going to move in with you:)
By the way, post your bedroom. I want to see what you have going on in there!!
I hope you have a yummy lunch or something today. Make it worth your while:)


Put on a rap station...crank it...and jam:) Even if you don't like it, your boss surely doesn't like it and it will be fun to make her suffer. Your car, your rules, right?;)


I'm old and have had many bosses in my time. I've had stupid bosses, just like yours, seems incredible, doesn't it. I had two that were so bad, when they died, I had no sadness, at all. Be glad you've made you decision to move one. Yeah, for you.


As you know my Dad works shift work and he always says that he can do his last shift "standing on his head". This is your last shift so stand on your head and do a little dance in your mind that this will never again be your problem. When you say the awkward pauses I am reminded of the beginning of 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles'. Too funny! Good luck!!


whoohoo! the LAST meeting EVER. :)


glad it is your last one. maybe you should get hammered before you go.


good luck surviving, be thankful it's the last one.

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