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March 25, 2008



Hehe- I love to hear all these random crazy facts about people!
I'm with you on #1. Sad, but true.
And #3 TOTALLY, except with me it's more in conversations or books or movies or things like that... like in my head I reword things that I think could have been said in a better way. Like some line in a movie would have been just a little bit better if they would have said it 'this way'. I even do it in church listening to our pastor!! Crazy!
But I do think about that when I look at designs too...especially when it comes to fabrics and decorating. You should totally design textiles!!


I was beginning to feel a great amount of guilt for not balancing the checkbook for a few months. Thanks for clearing that right up.


how do you not balance your check book? I'm so anal about it. Probably because there's never any money in there.


oh you asked for it now...stay tuned for some REAL quirks :)

Hyphen Mama

Holy cow. I have so many quirks of my own.... now I'll probably pick up on some of yours. I never thought about the "photoshop" thing before, but now I do it, because I read it! I do, however, go into homes and think "if this wall was knocked out and this moved here, it would look and flow much better". I do that all the time!


i have a major on line shopping problem. you get the thrill of buying it then the thrill when it comes. etsy is a major downfall for me.

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