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March 01, 2008



I love reading other people's quirky things. It validates my quirkiness. Like the banana thing. I had the exact same one listed in my weird list!


OMG you are a FREAK!!! LMAO...snowmobile exhaust...


do you photoshop while you sleep too? ha ha this was fun to read. have a great weekend!


at the end of my work day today, i get off at 7pm, you cracked me up. too funny about the snowmobile exaust!! :) i know one thing that really quirks me out is when i am driving, nothing, absolutely nothing can be vibrating or rattling. it drives (no punn intended) me CRAZY. i will pull over and find it and fix it, then i can continue on!!! i'm going to try your headache method!! too funny.......have a great weekend!!! try not to quirk out too much! :)


Unless I'm dripping sweat I hate anything blowing in my face too. I'll have to think about what I will divulge as my quirks:)


Those are quirky! I gave it a try on my blog, but I've done it a few times so I ran out of ideas!


YUCK, bananas and me, same thing! And I also unload my groceries that way. See you're not so weird ;-)


MAN....punishing me for a cool picture....grrrr;)

Hyphen Mama

Snowmobile exhaust!! My dad used to spray *ether* on the snowmobile engine to get it started.. and I LOVED that smell. And I cannot STAND being late. I leave uber early, so I get there on time. I'll have to try your headache cure.

Thanks for stopping by my place! Now, off to read more of your stuff.

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