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March 12, 2008



you are not alone, my friend! i am sore every morning!!!


I'm gonna venture to say that once you hand in that "BUH-BYE" letter to your crazy boss....the soreness MAY dissipate:) OH, and your trip up north will help too:) And then the happiness of being your own boss will make you relax:)


I was sleeping all wrong and I was SO uncomfortable with the pregnancy bump and boobs and everything. And then it happened. I invested 49.99 in a snoogle pillow. And now every night of sleep is a restful bliss of sleeping well aligned and comfortable.

Kristi S

I sleep poorly almost every night and wake up sore. And I have an expensive bed that I just got 3-4 years ago. Getting a memory foam topper has helped some, but not nearly enough....


I get that once in a while. I get really bad charley horses in one of my calves too.


well.........i'm older now (46)and my(physical body) trade as a union laborer (for 17 years) and as a home laborer is starting to hurt more and more. i've had a sore lower back since last july, i seeked medical help and they took an x-ray and he said all my bones are in place, so i tend to think it is a tissue related issue, i also have pain in both shoulders right at top in the joint area and i wake up with my hands asleep. i have headaches also. i get migrains once a month for 3 days straight (have had them for about 12 plus years) but have regular headaches also. i sleep on my back in the nest of 3 feather pillows, don't tend to move around when i sleep. i suggest a glass of wine or a drink before bed to try to relax yourself a bit. i do that quite abit, (i don't over do it) but i think that helps relax you after a day at work. try it :)


GET A FULL BODY MASSAGE. Seriously. And maybe even on a semi-regular basis to work out the kinks. I too CLENCH my jaws while sleeping and this causes BAD headaches. But massage makes it all better. :-)


Ok so...
1. You have 1.5 more days of being "under someone else's control" how f'ing sweet is that?!

2. I am hereby requesting that I am added to your blogroll....please? Don't make me beg, that would just be silly;)

Hyphen Mama

YES, get the massage!

I used to get the same kinds of pains, and I had to FORCE myself and consciously think about sleeping straight on my back, with my arms and wrists more straight--instead of all curled up. It helped immensely and after a while I was able to get back into my normal sleeping pattern.

And I'm guessing the other commenters are correct and you'll stop clenching your teeth when the Boss goes away.


I've been turning my wrists under too and wake with them hurting so bad - I don't know why I've been doing it either. Maybe it IS stress - ya think? I hope it stops for you soon and me too! See ya - Kellan


I sleep in a stressed out position too & I wake up more often than not with migraines. I am all for the massage theory & a great pillow! The stress you are about to get rid of will also help :)

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