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March 21, 2008



where is the spring weather? this stinks!


I always wondered about the sicker than a dog too.
Yeah snow sucks, we got blasted today like a foot or so. We just started seeing the grass in our yard.


Ugh! Car issues. I feel ya there.... cars SUCK!!! I hope you are able to get the car fixed without having to tow it forever away!


Hey, I'm glad you're back!! I've been missing ya!!!
Um, sorry about the snow! And hubs piece-of-crap car. Not exactly ideal timing!!

Kristi S

BUMMER!!!!!!! I am so sick of snow too, I wish spring would come back and stay!!!


Yeah the snow stinks. It is gonna look like Christmas tomorrow instead of Easter!

Oh well. Happy Easter!


That stinks about your car. I hope it can be repaired with not too much of an expense. Hope you have a Happy Easter!

Hyphen Mama

Bummer about the car! I hope your weekend is better and that you have tons of fun with your family.

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