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March 25, 2008



Congats on the car! That's always fun. I've had an Impala the last two rental cars I've had and I loved it! They were the newer body styles though, and I have to admit I really liked those. I know what you mean about getting stuck on the "perfection" you're used to... I feel the same way about our 4Runner. I looooove the old body style and although I need to buy a new one (mine is a '97) and I really really want a third row, if we stick with a 4Runner I really want to get the last year that they made the old body style.
Why do they do that?


PIMPALA!! Sweet ride! Have fun at your mom's group today! Rake in some business!! Crap, bring your camera:) Wait, I bet you already planned on that. ha..


sweet ride. we had one as a squad car here and we had one of our tallest guys in it - he looked too big for it, but then again he was cramped with all the radios/gear/etc. in the thing.

your ex-boss sucks. :) but you already knew that.


EXCITING to get a new car...I wish I had a car to call my own:( Congrats!!!


congrats on the new car and being done with the evil boss!

Kristi S

Congrats on the new car! You already know what I think of your ex-boss!!


Oooh, new wheels! How fun - congrats!

I'll bet it's so nice to be rid of that boss.


She probably knows why you left and doesn't want to admit why or hear it straight up. Yay on the new car. I want something different, mine is killing me.


How exciting! I love that new car smell. You'll be stylin' in that one!


Um, where are you? haha:)

Hyphen Mama

I think it's odd that she doesn't want to know why you left. I'm sure she thinks it has nothing to do with her.
Congrats on the new car, she's a beauty!


I hope you enjoy your new car.

As for your job - I think you made the right decision for you!

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