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March 29, 2008



oh yey! i love when the little ones start making sense! :) that picture is too cute - she looks so grown up.


How fun is that!?!?! :) Very cute picture!

Hyphen Mama

How cute is she? Talking and everything! My daughter started talking much earlier than my son. He's 19 months and doesn't use many "words" just lots of what sounds like Japanese. I'm okay with that, because my daughter never stops talking.

P.S. I'm loving your new look.


I guess she's got a lot to say and wants all of you to hear her. She's developing very quickly in the language department. Jake was a great talker, but Casey was the opposite. Funny how each kid progresses at different things at a different pace. Love the photos in the rocker. That is the best smile ever. I have that same black jumpsuit from Target. Casey has worn it all winter. It's super snuggly.


It must be nice not needing a translator, lol. It is weird how they all grow at their own pace, and seem to know what they want to learn first. Maggie was all about walking, she needed to get where she wanted to go. I'm sure monkey girl will get moving once she realized how much fun aka trouble there is to get into. Yay on the words!


she just knows she has to hurry up and talk so she can get on the phone with her favorite cousin!! and aubriee loves her little sock monkey too!! she won't let us put it up in her doll net thingy :)


she is adorable!! what a little cutie pie!


What a cutie, and talking, too. That is so neat.

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