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March 10, 2008



So cute! She just wants to be like mommy.

Hyphen Mama

Won't it be great when she combines walking, talking AND climbing? She IS a little monkey. My little guy still hasn't figured out how to climb out of the crib.


Exasperating, but great. I always tell young Moms, this is so much better than having them do nothing.


So adorable!!! She's so cute, you're so lucky!!! Just hope she doesn't start to think your computer is a drum O:)


Lol!! That's exactly Dane's mission in life too; the mouse or keyboard!
However, I haven't seen him climb like this yet! Could be the sumo in him?? hehe... She's a cutie!


She is so cute!


Ooh, a step-by-step tutorial! Baby Bug would definitely be interested in this! LOL!


Wow, I thought my little guy was active. She has him beat!

Nicole Barczak

She is so cute!!


Exactly how my girl is. If she wants it she will find a way, even push stuff around to get where she wants to go.

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