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March 01, 2008



WT is not a mother, she's a breeder. My husband is retired from LAPD, one of his most memorable arrest (family-wise), was he had to take a woman to jail. The cops knew all about her family, at least two sons were doing hard time. As they were removing her from her home, they were locking everything up, and asked her, "Is there anything else, or anyone else here that needs to be removed?" She said, no. Just then my husband saw a pile of laundry move; it was a 6 month old, buried under a pile of launry. The baby had diaper rash from her navel to her knees. And the "Mom" had forgotten she was there. If they'd locked the house, who knows what would have happened.


I whole-heartedly agree with you that she is WT & what a sad situation for that little boy. At least he had somewhere stable to be for 12 hours.


robbie is very lucky to have your family. my son has a friend like this. we have cared for him for YEARS. he even lived with us for awhile. he always tells me i am the only mother he has ever had. trust me robbie will cherish the time he has with your family. i hope you take every opportunity to include him. you may be what saves him from becoming wt.


That is awful. At least he has one good family unit to look up to...because what a shame. I always think it's so bizarre that anyone can just go out and have children but you need a license to breed puppies.


How sad. Poor kid. If I were you, I would call CPS. That is not appropriate for one thing, and she should be investigated for "worse" behavior. I'm sorry this poor child has to live like that!


Not good. Not good at all. I'm not a panicky, freaky kind of mom but that smacks of neglect. Some day that poor little boy will be taken away. And it may not be the worst thing that's ever happened to him.


that would piss me off bad. i have no time for parents that seem to brush off their responsiblity (aka wt mo-fo's). sounds like she is probably a repeat offender in this area. it's just a damn good thing that that poor kid is friends with jman.


OMG, does she not even care? That is crazy. She probably forgot she even had a kid until she was going to bed and was like oh, yeah, Robbie, at friends house. I hope they don't call cps.

Hyphen Mama

This is exactly what is wrong with the world today. And where were the other kids? Did she have them all planted around the neighborhood with different friends?

Wouldn't it be great if we could snatch all these kids up and take them off to live in a fairy tale land of perfect parenting and nothing but unconditional love?


That is totally shitty and I HATE to hear stories like that. I know a WT mom and dad like that (i'm ashamed to be related to them) and it kills me how little regard people have for their OWN CHILDREN. It's appalling!

the benevolent dictator

You are not overreacting by any means. There is a huge difference between leaving your kid for an hour and leaving him for ten hours. The saddest part of the situation is that the child is no doubt aware of disparity in terms of parenting at his house and parenting at yours.

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