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March 11, 2008



a crate. it's called a crate. it also will get cps called. damn it all.


I thought Luke was a climber! Wow! We won't be doing our room when the kids go. I don't think. I have to see if I can convince Bill. He is so looking forward to a vacation that he has said he will "paint 1 wall and nothing more" for that week. We'll see. Good Luck with your work countdown. See you later!


Is she walking yet? Beware when that happens. You may find her climbing onto to kitchen chairs and dancing on the table soon.
Have a wonderful 3 three packing up and discarding all of your work items to be returned to the CRAZY LADY. It will be a refreshing time for you.


there is no turning back, you have a bonafide monkeygirl on your hands. :)

looking forward to next week!


I love the shot with her eyes cast down. If she can't see you, you can't see her.


Wait until she climbs out of the shopping cart. That's always fun.

Kristi S

Monkey baby! Perfect for the circus...escape artist, and acrobat! LOL


Mine got out of her arm straps in the car seat yesterday. Good times. I'm going to post some photos so you don't feel so bad.

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