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March 07, 2008



I love writing resignation letters. My last at will job I gave them to the end of the day - and I gave notice at 3pm....it was so sweet...but the anticipation that worked up until that day was nearly impossible!


Good luck, not letter of resignation. Put nothing in writing to the Crazy Lady, she does not deserve it or any notice.


you are too funny! oh, i love the sounds of drills and hammers as well - it means something is getting done!


Okay, since I'm new here I need to know what the studio is for that you'll be working in once you resign.

Kristi S

Great resignation letter! If only you could really turn that in! LOL


I loved the letter, but I am famous for saying, "Never burn your bridges," so I am with the idea that you should write no letter - just resign - that says it all.

Thanks for coming by today Jessica. And, thanks for your prayers for our sweet baby. Take care and I'll see you soon. Kellan


Maybe I missed this somewhere in your blog, but what is your job? I also bide by the philosophy of "don't burn any bridges". You never know when you may be hard up for employment one day and need a good reference!
What are you going to do for employment once you leave the job?


You're hilarious. You go girl!!!:)


Good to hear the studio is coming along. Gosh your husband does laundry and is handy. Lucky girl. I've never done a resignation letter.

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