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March 05, 2008



Hi Jessica - I agree! It is a wonderful time. I have been so blessed through blogging to meet so many wonderful women/mommies/bloggers - I can't believe it sometimes what a big world it is and how we are all so fortunate to be able to come together and connect because of the internet and blogging! It is a blessing indeed.

Thanks so much for coming by this evening - nice to see you. And, thanks so much for the prayers for our baby - we really appreciate all the prayers. See you soon. Kellan


I have nothing romantic or specific. But, I reconnected with you and I think I may have sent you 1054 emails in the last 4 days? ha....
Glad you're my friend, Jess!


no bad experiences for me - just good ones. i've met a ton of cool people online and i have reconnected with a lot of people from high school. oh, and i found you too! :)


I have no fantastic or romantic story, but I have met a huge array of wonderful women from blogging. THey have become a support system for me. It's great! I "talk" with some of these ladies more often than my "real" friends. i would love to meet every single one of you some day!


I haven't re connected with anyone...yet. I'm really happy I started blogging and the people I've "met" through it. I almost think I know some of you.


I myself have met some really awesome people online through blogging, and thats about it. But I have heard of some pretty cool meetings because of the online connection... you never know.

Kristi S

I love, love, love the internet and would be lost without it! I have also connected and reconnected with many people this way!!I'd take the internet over the phone any day!

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