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March 24, 2008



Congratulations! Well done! How free do you feel? Did you have to use the alarm clock this morning?

Kristi S

I bet you feel like a new woman today!!?? Good luck with the change, it sounds like you needed it!


Well, it's a good thing there wasn't much drama with your notice today, eh? Yet anyway.
Congrats on breaking free!

And you've been tagged... check out my page today...


best of luck!


So how does that freedom feel? Congrats!

Hyphen Mama

I bet you stand a little taller, what with nothing weighing you down anymore! Congratulations. It would be really nice if this is as dramatic as the split gets...lawyers involved in resignations is just "icky".


Congrats on letting go of this chapter in your career. You are now FREE to move on to better things with your AMAZING design skills. Beware of the equipment/materials exchange. She may have something planned.....hopefully not and she'll be respectful of your decision. I'm surprised by her email, she must have bit her tongue a million times to not write any nasty comments. Who knows?? Wishing you a smooth transition out of the company.


Yeah for you! Congrats! I wish you all the best in all the great things coming to you. Good luck :)


YAY!!!!! free woman...world - watch out!!!


"Job" well done. Congratulations on this great opportunity. I am sure it's scary but it'll be great.


that went better than I expected.


So does this mean I can hire you directly to design my page??? :) Congrats cuz!!


so happy for you!


you must feel so relieved that it is over! yahooooo!

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