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February 08, 2008



I'm interested in seeing what else you have done. Thanks for sharing your process over the years and your passion for digital scrapbooking. I too want to do more with it but it's on the back burner right now. I also have J & C's baby book stuff tucked away, maybe someday I'll actually put a book together for them.


I would love to do it, small problem = no camera :) I'm hoping I get one for my birthday (ONE WEEK from today:)


Looks great Jess, as usuual. I do the good ole fashion paper scrapbooks. I tried digital but I just got way too overwhelmed with all the choices. If I have to actually have the supplies on hand then I only have so many choices for pages. I have incorporated some digital pages that I printed out as I am limited on space for supplies and walls to keep the munchkins at bay. I'd love to see more! I am working more with making memory videos.

Kristi S

I am purely a paper scrapper, but I love graphic designing (just dipping my feet in the water though). Scrapping with Ikea Goddess (look her up on Google) has a TON of links to FREE digital kits!! I downloaded a ton in the oast 6 months but haven't used any because I have no idea how to digi scrap!! Check it out.

Denise H.

Your pages are So Cute! I used to scrapbook everything by hand and it is such a Pain getting everything out and then putting it away. I am getting back into scrapbooking and am debating on doing it the same way as before or digital. I can't decide!


i want to go digital! i have a ton of paper scrap supplies but they are overtaking my life!

i can't wait to learn and i hope you share with us! :)


This is very strange timing - I purchased about a hundred dollars worth of stuff to start a paper scrapbook - and I started working on it yesterday - putting in the ultrasound pictures, little notes that I had written that say things like "You turned 12 weeks today, I really hope I don't feel like this for much longer because you're likely to be an only child if this lasts for another day" - when I put the stuff away I kind of realized right then that I will likely never open it again. How do you get started with the Digital Scrapbooking? Can you have the books printed? Would you be willing to make a recommendation on a good resource you've found?

LeeAnn Howard

I am a paper scrapbooker, basically because that how I started on not sure even how to get started on the digital.. Where DO I start?!? I wouldnt know the programs or where to get these kits from. Fill me in if you can! I'd love to see more of what can be done by digital scrapbooking. And then do you print these out like as an 8x10 and put them in an album, or what do you do with them?


Yeah, I love that. Great job.

So, how do you print it then? Do you need a plotter to print the 12x12 stuff? I know, dumb question but I don't get it. Cuz I'm gonna want to be able to hold this thing when I'm done making one.

I have the scrapbook stuff.... I've done some CUTE pages in Naydine's book. I basically copied them all from a scrapbook magazine... hehe. Why reinvent the wheel??

Nayders Caters is this little lunch thing I'm done. I make boxed lunches for my husband's work. Just a few days a month... nothing major, just some extra spending money.
I'll email you next time. This comment is a novel.


Ummm yeah, I am so not technically inclined, so I am purely a paper scrapper. I've seen some beautiful digi scrap stuff out there though and am so jealous that I can't figure it out, or is it that I haven't tried? Who knows. Anywho, that is a beautiful LO of your daughter. You do great work!


Nice LOs. That Wild one is pretty cool. I'm a paper scrapper. As much as I pretend to be computer savvy, I cannot for the life of me figure out photoshop.

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