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February 25, 2008



Ooh, climbing out at 10 months?!? Good luck with that!
Thanks for stopping by my site. Love all your pictures, your children are adorable!


i had the net when aubriee was little and she didn't mind it!! I don't know if it will work but i think i would take a shot at it!! Good luck! You sure have a little monkey on your hands! Aubriee doesn't even do that!! :)

Nicole Barczak

Oh my... I have no advice for you on that one. I would try the tent. I would think that'd work?


I'm so glad this is the one thing my daughter hasn't figured out yet, besides the fact that she's a shorty. I'd try the tent. or is there a way to move the crib so she can't climb out. How the heck does she do it?


Hey Jess!
I had L do this at about 12 months. He was big enough for his age for me to get him a bed. What about a different crib with a sliding side or something???
I hear ya on the short thing. The crib I got in 2003 has the slide with out having that metal thing on the bottom. It works great and I have A in that one because she is the monkey of the twins. They are just figuring out that they can scale the side but I have yet to find them out. Boy little "R" seems to be determined!!


I don't think she needs to walk to be in a toddler bed. It may be the safest thing for her. Of course you'd have to gate the door to keep her in. We've been there.


huh. none of my kids ever slept in a crib so i am clueless!


I purchased a crib tent online about 7 yrs ago for my 2 youngest & it was the best thing! Thinking it would keep our cats out? The cats didn't want anything to do w/ the kids, it kept the kids in the crib :) I highly recommend it.


Haha.... too funny. Good luck, you just might have to try that net thing.
Can you some how put one side of the crib on the wall and the armoire on the other side??
Laying her down would be almost impossible, taking her out would be a little easier.
Ah.. just get the tent thing:)


Oh my, I don't know what to tell you. I've never had this problem. I'd give the tent a try, it's for cats, but it could definitely keep her in! Safety first! Good luck and let us know how it goes!


Hi- love hearing about your daughter, because she and my son are (almost) exactly the same age! He'll turn one April 25th! Wow, I can't believe she's crawling out of her crib! I thought I had an active one on my hands, but hearing your stories, he doesn't quite compare:) I think I'd definitely try that tent idea, and if all else fails, maybe cushion her landing a bit with a bunch of pillows and comforters on the floor?:) Good luck!

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