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February 14, 2008


Denise H.

I don't have kids yet but that doesn't sound like fun at all! I mean, I would love to be able to allow my child to do any sport and/or activity that they would like to do but being gone every night of the week get so old! But, what an ambitous and talented boy you have.

I used to teach dancing and we had a few girls who were only allowed to do two activities of their choice per school year and then a different activity during the summer. These girls were great girls and I have thought that this would be a great idea for when I have kids of my own.


denise - i agree... obviously every week night is crazy. it's not all season, but these two weeks now... and hockey's the worst!

i do have a friend with 4 kids. they each get to choose one activity. that sounds good. i am just conflicted with where to draw the lines! thanks for your response.


I agree. It's my daughter that wants to join all kinds of after-school activities. If it were up to me, it would be a lot less since I'm the one that has to drive her around! LOL!

Mahalo for stopping by and for commenting!


hockey scares me. tucker is obsessed now and in all honesty he could start playing in a couple years! ahhhhh! when they are young it is the worst because you have to drive them to every game/practice.

i think if there is something he wants to do, he'll be able to do it (the opportunities are FEW in this town). if things were to get out of control, we'd manage that.

good post!


that's part of my struggle, jen, i DIDN'T have the opportunities he has, and well, i resented it!! i know all about 'that town' - hee hee. anyway, kids are work any way you look at it : )


Well, my two are fairly young, but I still managed to over-schedule us too. We had something going on every day of the week. We are always on the go. Once I got bigger I decided I needed to break away from a few things. It's hard, but I did it and we all are much happier. But, if you have the time and your children are asking for it, go for it. But, you do need to "schedule" down time I think. It's important for everyone's health and of course sanity! As a kid, I did tons, but that was my choice and I am a busy person anyway, so it's hard to sit still. Great topic!


I'm not there yet since Jake and Casey are 3 & 2, but soon it will start for us. I think it's great that James is motivated and interested in learning new things. Imagine if he is was the opposite, and you couldn't get him to do anything. That would be tough.

As you said your feeling the strains of it now because of hockey. Maybe an idea would be to cut out one of his other activities during hockey season and when hockey is over pick it back up (if that's possible). Or set guidelines and allow him to only choose 2 activities per season.

If it's manageable now then there is no harm, but if it becomes a stress or if it effects his school work, then for sure you'll have to rethink it all.
I chuckled when you wrote about orthodontic appts. I had braces too, and had appts once a month for 4 years.... it was a pain. ha ha!


I am so happy we don't do hockey. We travel for basketball, which is a pain for me because I don't have most weekends off, so I have to use holiday time. We do baseball in the summer: league and travel. Football in the fall, and basketball in the winter. Next year will pretty much be school sponsored stuff so running every weekend will be over except for baseball. But it is like kids will no just get together and play. It has to be organized which I can't understand.

Charlotte [Charmed Life]

you seem to have a happy son. i think, you should keep it that way! however, be more attentive to why he's doing what he's doing. i mean , it should be because he really wants to do it.

have a great weekend!

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