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February 07, 2008


Kristi S

I love Mexico, anywhere along the Caribbean. I would love to travel more, but I just can't afford to go anywhere or leave my job when I want (I teach)


Well, Hawaii would be my first choice. We love Maui. But, if I were on more of a budget and needed to stay in the contingent states, I'd go to Napa for sure. Love it there! Mmmm, I WANT WINE!


i would love to go anywhere that has sunshine and beaches. my husband isn't a fan of the same thing, but does like florida so he can go play while i relax. :)

i SO need a vacation!


we are poor. like cheese line poor. we usually have to vacation close to home so it's lake michigan for us. plus who wants to drive or fly with 4 freakin kids. personally though i love paris...


kristi - anywhere warm...

michelle - girl after my own heart with hawaii. CA wouldn't be bad.

jenny - who doesn't love sunshine and beaches, has he BEEN??? :)

zoe - you can come stay with us for a vacation. come in january. we have extra bicycles.

LeeAnn Howard

I ♥LOVE♥ Hawaii! We went there on our honeymoon too, 5 years ago. And said we would go back on our 10 year. Man I woul dlove to go back every 2 years. Maybe we should look into a timeshare!! I still haven't visited the Caribbean and think that would be my 2nd choice. I'm just like you and want to go somewhere warm!! We do have two trips this summer planned so far. To San Antonio, TX for 8 days to visit my dad and family there. And to Columbia, SC for 6 days to visit my brother there. I'm soo looking forward to both places, because that means WARMTH!! Although I should book those places for the winter time, it would make it feel so much better! :)


I LOVE South Carolina and LA:) Going to SC in a few months and possibly MEXICO in October (my first trip out of the US:)


I'm still stalking your blog- hee! You're a super poster, way to keep up! Because vacations are also one of my favorite things, I must comment on this one. I think it's fab you're going to Hawaii- I've never been but it's on the "must visit" list. I have not been on a vacation in over a year and I am dying. Since 2000 when we got married, we have been to: Spain/Italy, Mexico (thrice), Chicago (a number of times), Bozeman, MT & Yellowstone, Ireland, San Fran, NYC, Colorado, and Arizona. And a few MN camping trips and cabin stays. Oh, and we went to Belize on our honeymoon. I'd highly recommend!

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