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February 12, 2008



sounds awesome...do you go with or without kids? fun to connect with you in the blog world! that was a LONG time ago when i was at your house in brooklyn park. a different life ago probably for both of us...
do you ever hear from aaron?


the vacation is definitely withOUT kids. it's just a reconnecting for the two us. we do lots of stuff with the kids and are probably going to take them on a 'real' vacation soon. but this one is definitely without :)

aaron's a police officer in alaska, doing great.

Kristi S

So jealous!!!! Lucky lady you!!


Oh you're going to have so much fun ~ the sun and sweet scent of flowers will melt the cold right out of you. Have fun!


I love Hawaii!! Maui is my favorite spot.
I love the blog world too - it's amazing how one blog leads you to another and another...back to small town SB! Looks like you are doing great. Hope your brother is well. We missed him at our class reunion this past December.


I'm so freaking jealous!!! How fun!

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