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February 13, 2008



DISGUSTING!!!!! I don't have any kids, but I remember wrestling with my little brother and sister when they were in diapers!!!


oh that is funny. do you feel like a sh!@ head now?!?! just kidding.

i had a similar thing happen to me a few months back when i was on my way to drop my preschooler off at school and he told me i had a big bruise on my face. well let's just say it wasn't a bruise!!!

have a great day and thanks for stopping by my blog.


Hey there, I just stumbled onto your blog... I think from Nicole's and I loved your poop story! Doesn't that just suck when that happens?! Check out this blog post from this past summer... YUCK http://kariandfam.blogspot.com/2007/06/sunburn.html


OMG I'm sorry but that is so funny to read. I understand the horror of the ordeal, but still funny. My girl is a wrestler/kicker. As soon as I get the diaper off she now flips over and basically moons me by looking between her legs. so I have to wrestle her back down and get the diaper on as she kicks the crap out of me as I try to get her pants back on. Usually I have to sit her on my lap to get it done.The only poop story I have is I must have left a dirty one within reach and she dragged it around and got it all over her car which is a winnie the pooh one, so it was literally a pooh car.


one night we were over at my dad's having dinner. tucker was in a walker then, and was playing in it while we talked after dinner. soon, everyone smelt something nasty. i had a cold so could not smell a thing. tucker was in a onesie at the time. i went over, picked him up and was carrying him around, even setting him on my lap while i dug the diaper/wipes out. well, i went to go lay him on the floor and i looked down and his diaper had been ooozing all over my jeans, hands, the floor, his legs - it was nasty! good thing i couldn't smell a thing. he went straight into the tub.

everyone has a 'good' poop story!


I was all jealous of those sweet rolls but you've certainly deserved them. And then some. I can honestly say I've never had that happen.

kristi sauer

OMG, I would DIE!!!!!!
I wish I had some great poop stories for ya, but can't think of any.... Crap!
PS Love your new banner!!


Well, like you, my "sweetie" is also a wrestler. I've never had an event like this though and I pray I never will! Nasty. I would have died! You poor thing!


Oh my lord, I have no story to share, but I just laughed SO hard at your visual! You poor thing! At least you had a yummy breadfast. ;-)

The only slightly comparable story I can share is one my mom told me. When she was taking care of her toddler brother, changing his diaper, he reached up a hand and shoved it into her mouth.No big deal, right? Well, that hand...was filled with poop. So when people say it "tastes like crap" we jokingly reply that my mom knows for a fact. LOL

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