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February 29, 2008



For real? My head hurts now. Thanks!


3......The answer is 3. I never understood the question but the answer is most definately 3 :)


Unbelievable. Good post, too.


Math was a good subject for me in school, but when my 6th grader comes home with such problems I inevitably refer her to daddy.


Maybe if I sat down a while, I'd figure it out. But, I guess I'm not even going to try. Why? Because... I thought school was to try and prepare you for REAL LIFE. When would one be doing a math problem like that. They only do those to mess you up on purpose. What's the point. If you solve it, then the teacher knows you can't be TRICKED!??!
Ahh.... some SB love. I love it:)


Um yeah, No math major here. my step son is in 6th grade and they just got done doing fractions. And i could figure out his word problem.

Nicole Barczak

Oh my.... that made my head spin!

BTW... I got your package! THANK YOU! :) Porter loves the bouncer and swing HAHA! He thinks they're his.

AND..... I went through my spam folder and found like FOUR emails from you LOL! I promise I wasn't ignoring you by not replying... I just didn't get them HAHA! Darn spam. I hit hte "not spam" button so hopefully it'll recognize your email now.


ugg. i am having to homeschool amonte right now and the math is killing me!!!

Hyphen Mama

Um yeah. That's stuff I learned in HIGH SCHOOL! Your kid IS smart!

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